Kirkedal Komposit Imprægnering



Kirkedal Impregnation is ready for use and does not need to be diluted. Always make sure that the terrace is clean and dry before starting the impregnation. Apply the liquid with a mop or soft paint roller, take one board at a time – and run long soft strokes lengthwise – and never across.

Remember that you must never impregnate in direct sunlight.
1 ltr. Rows approx. 6-8 sqm.

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Impregnation terrace and fence

Impregnation terrace and fence at Kirkedal Komposit.

Kirkedal Composite Impregnation ensures that composite repels water, oil, red wine, thereby preventing stains from appearing on your terrace.

The price is  DKK 249.95.

The size  is 1 ltr.


Fence and patio clean


Large selection of quality composite products

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Kirkedal Composite (WPC = Wood Plastic Composite) terrace and fence is CE marked, it makes the consumer feel safe with the product and that it is made under proper conditions. Using the latest technologies and the best ingredients, the consumer can be sure of getting a material of the highest quality and thus the most perfect result for patio or fence.

Kirkedal Composite has its own unique advantages and appearance. There is no similar product on the market. All orders are delivered through stocked timber merchants.
Kirkedal has a large selection for terraces and fences. With two product groups within composite, it all goes up into a higher unit. All orders are delivered through stocked timber merchants.

Composite does not rot, has no visible lumps that fall out, no shrinkage cracks, no resin and does not crack over time. With its unique materials and processes, Kirkedal Komposit has gained strength for the Scandinavian climate and cannot be attacked by rot, fungi or insects.